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MikroConf is an innovative approach to configuration and administration of network devices. Technically speaking, it is a Command Line Administration Interface for embedded Linux systems. It provides administrators with a consistent and familiar interface to perform complex configuration tasks, such as IP Configuration and Firmware Management. Such device configuration tasks would otherwise require Linux administration expertise in order to accomplish.

Over and above the conventional functionality provided by such interfaces, MikroConf is introducing a number of innovative features:

  • It supports (in a safe manner) in-line scripting in the Tcl Programming Language. Regular configuration commands and Tcl commands can be intertwined on the command prompt.
  • It supports an event-based configuration paradigm. Tcl procedures can be registered to be invoked when certain events occur (e.g. link up/down).
  • Automation of repeated tasks via parameterized macros (Tcl procs).
  • Command output can be captured, filtered, manipulated, emailed etc.
  • Usability features such as: ANSI terminal colors and highlights, full screen editing of configuration, and others.
These features enable administrators to be more productive, and achieve more robust device configurations.


MikroConf has a very well-thought design, which makes it particularly easy for developers to extend with new functionality.
In particular:
  • It features a modular architecture. New functionality is introduced in the form of MikroConf modules, which can be easily written in Tcl or C.
  • There is clear separation between the declaration of command syntax and its enforcement code (command handler).
  • XML description of command structure, syntax and hierarchy, authentication/configuration modes, running-config sections etc.
  • The highest possible flexibility in specifying command syntax, described as a deterministic finite automaton.
  • Server-Client architecture and transport protocol independence. Multiple concurrent user sessions are supported.


MikroConf, albeit fully usable already, it is still in Pre-Alpha stage. Bug fixes and improvements are performed on a daily basis, and for this reason no release files are made available yet. In effect, the only way to get MikroConf sources is by checking-out the SVN repository.

MikroConf can be deployed in any embedded Linux firmware distribution with minimal effort, see Installation Instructions for details. A patch, however, is provided that integrates it to OpenWRT's build environment.

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Copyright (c) 2010 Stergiakis Alexandros (alsterg at gmail dot com)